Augmented Reality Applications


Augmented Reality is the overlay of digital information over the real world.Using a mobile device we have the ability to trigger from…Images and Locations, and a combination of the two…

Augmented Reality Supported Mobile Military Apps:

Tablet / smart phone / smart glasses; any mobile computing device with a camerais used to project multimedia objects on an image of a component of any environment or system. This setup can guide the task force in maintenance tasks, operations or any situational awareness requirement.

Military operations are becoming increasingly diverse in their nature. To cope with new and more demanding tasks, the military has researched new tools for use during operations and during training for these operations. There have been numerous goals driving this research over the past several decades. Many of the military requirements and capabilities have specifically driven development of Augmented Reality systems.

Situation Awareness

The environments in which military operations occur have always been complex, and modern operations have only served to increase this complexity. It is difficult to keep track of the many friendly and opposing forces operating in an environment.

Keeping track of the past, present, and future during such a military operation has

been termed situation awareness (SA).



BITES Augmented Reality Vision Engine:

–        provides the right information to the right user at exactly the right time

–        for mission operators providing optimal surveillance and real-time data processing

–        a real-time solution enabling a robust moving map capability as well as an augmented reality experience that overlays geospatial features directly on live video stream

BITES’s Innovation,

  • removes a number of technical barriers associated with augmented reality by enhancing realism, increasing scalability, and accelerating content development and re-use.

The technology is used also to assist maintenance technicians.

AR smart glasses are used to give maintainers immediate access to system parts information, repair history and critical system functions.

AR smart glass application provides guidance about remove and install procedures through animations and interactive task steps.